Turn-Key Allergy Program for Healthcare AllergyPro is a turn-key medical ancillary platform designed for primary care providers to test & treat allergies & asthma inside of their practice without having to refer to an allergy specialist. AllergyPro is broken up into 2 categories; Testing & Therapy Testing: AllergyPro has two testing platforms; 1. Fingerstick Blood Drop Testing for 2 comprehensive panels. A. Non-Inhalant Allergen Panel: Foods, Stinging Insects, Penicillin, Latex B. Inhalant Environmental Allergen Panel: Top 70 pollens (trees, grass, weeds), molds/fungi, animals/insects 2. Needle-free Skin testing. Top 70 environmental inhalants across North America Therapy: AllergyPro has two therapy platforms 1. Allergy Shots: Common among Americans 2. Sublingual Allergy Drops: Proprietary comprehensive broad spectrum blend of the top 90 allergens across North America Under development: Immunotherapy toothpaste, Immunotherapy breath strips. AllergyPro includes physician marketing, training, and continuing supplies.