All American Trust
Buying Slow Paying Invoices at Discount We are a financing firm that buys invoices to credit worthy customers at a discount. For example, our client bills AT&T $500,000. AT&T takes 68 days to pay their vendor's invoices. Our client cannot afford to wait. So, we step to the plate and pay them immediately. For this service we charge anywhere from 2-5% percent per month. We mitigate and manage risk by having AT&T pay us directly. We know AT&T will pay because they are a public, fortune 500 company. So we are protected in many ways. Due to the never ending increase tech upgrades in the telecommunications industry, and the big players (T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T) have extended their payment terms to 90 days, we have a surge of new business. Cell towers need to be modified and/or built. We would like to employ more funds in this area and we are offering a base return rate starting at 10% per year for investors. This type of finance has been around since the the 1300's.