Deep Tech Commercialization

Deep Tech Commercialization
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Are you dealing with innovation coming from academia research and high technology? You are at the right place. Hi, I am Marc Perron and I have a passion for creators, inventors, innovators and everything concerning the diffusion and monetization of 'brain juice'. In the last 12 years, nearly 100% of my time has covered the section between research invention disclosure to product first sales, including technology maturation, product development, startup financing and entrepreneur coaching. Applications range from EV charging stations, AI for water management to photonics devices, lasers and medical devices. Those projects have generated over $50M in investments over time. If you are a researcher, an entrepreneur, a product developper or an investor: I can help you reach your business objectives easier and faster! Let's find it out by booking a call with me now (go on website)!
Location: Canada, Chaudiere-Appalaches, Lévis
Employees: 1-10