its a social movement Bobox lets you share unused books, electronics, and art instruments with your friends and communities. For free. You open the portal and look at what your friends and communities are willing to share. Reserve the item, meet the person in place, and borrow that item from them. After the item is given back, or not, both users review each other, and get points, badges and levels, based on this. Bobox is the pivot of Helpmoi (Jabeklah, I'M IN) that used to be a test social network that enable people to seek help in communities around them Bobox's aim is to build the next-gen social network (at the same time a marketplace) built on REAL LIFE TRUST, through exchange of real life services, rewards by gamification, growing in a worldwide market. By such a network, we can add layers of services like "local Buying/Selling", "virtual credit union", "Sport matchmaking", "business matchmaking","Real Local Contextualized Search Engine"...etc.. without missing the rich Big Data that can be mined
Member count: 1-10