Innovopolis Waste Solutions

Decentralised Waste Management Innovopolis Waste Solutions Inc. is pleased to submit this proposal as an initial introduction of our commercially available decentralized waste management model and our interest to introduce our solution within the metropolitan cities. ? High-rise Buildings ? Residential & Commercial Properties ? Airports & Ports ? City Hotels ? Mountain & Island Resorts ? Remote Communities & Islands ? As well as neighborhoods 1. Create a closed loop waste cycle that converts property/community waste into a renewable energy resource 2. Transform waste operations from a cost center to value creating model. 3. ZERO waste landfilling. 4. Reduce assets carbon emission / carbon footprint while generating economic gains. 5. Create revenue streams through byproducts 7. Render asset independent and self-sustainable to decrease your property operating cost. 8. Create a healthy, safe, dynamic and optimized waste ecosystem for your property/ community, its residence and your employees.