Coronavirus & crisis in your city? Meet a social network for each city worldwide on a single website Are you and your family prepared for a big social and economic crisis in your city? Have you ever wondered if all the media and social networks are prepared to respond in real time to what is happening around you and around your family... and in each and every city in the world? Only a social network for each city in the world can... And that is Alebrije.com We are launching a microblogging social network very simple to understand. Alebrije is a LOCAL-GLOBAL SOCIAL NETWORK for the city where you live (very simple to understand as it works with the twitter concept but with 500,000 independent cities) Discover and comment in a social network what is happening in the city where you live... and/or in any city of the world -- We invite you to see how it works - Use it and comment the issues of your city -- Alebrije.com
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