Fast ordering food in mall A La Mesa is a service in which the user will be able to ordering his food in a food court without the need of going to the line (queue), just reading a QR code in the table he can see all the restaurants that have already uploaded its menus, then the customer shall first select a restaurant and then the products he want from the menu. the restaurant receive the order and the table of origin in real time to attend it. The customer will know the status of its order at all times. The customer can pay cash to receive its order or be able to use paypal. At the end, both the customer and the restaurant will be evaluated each other. The restaurants or the Malls will have access to the statistical information of the consumers (age, gender, money spent) A la mesa will be free for users (consumers), the restaurants (or the Mall) will have a free trial of n number of months (maybe 3, not yet defined) then they must pay a subscription for continue using the system.