Ebay for fresh homecooking is a online community for Housewife who loved to cook. Our business is helping them to connect with each other, sharing recipes and tips, then prepare them to take the next step to dive into the world of e-commerce. Its about empowering them to be more creative and productive. We do this by first creating the recipe sharing community, then provide them with peer to peer marketplace, so they can taste each other foods and also make extra money online. The next step is to connect them with local vendors from fresh produce, kitchenware, ingredients and packaging's. This will helps them grow by having more choices to improve their products. And finally, every home cook's dream is to get a bigger deal, that is the catering business. But not everyone ready for this. We will develop a bridge for them to sell large quantities to larger consumers with Alamama Catering., one stop solutions for home cooking moms.
Member count: 1-10