Pick up a hobby with local experts Aktively is an online marketplace that connects hobbyists and learners interested in the DIY, technology, and handcrafting with local experts to quickly pick up skills and techniques. For beginners who have the passion but not the skills and know-how, starting a home improvement project or new hobby can be a frustrating and expensive process of trial and error. Many online tutorials bring as much confusion as help to beginners. Aktively solves this problem by enabling the experts to share with the beginners their skill, spare time and space. The users' neighborhood is now their guild. After online conversation, beginners are able to meet experts in person, get hands-on learning in experts' working studio. Beginners can even create their own focused class for a specific project. No more blind and unnecessary investment in skill learning and hobby keeping. Meanwhile, the experts, many of whom are freelancer artists and artisans, can monetize their skill, spare time, space and tools.