Exchange childrens stuff between parents Exchange. Hello. Let us present our platform where parents can rent from each other all the stuff they need for their children. In our times it?s very expensive to raise a child, I?m telling you as a father :) So an economy to every family?s budget would be not buying something new, but renting. Also it?s a new financial income for the people that will give for rent this stuff. For example, I have baby carriage that I already don?t use, some toys also. I can give for rent these goods and make some financial income for my family. Also tourists that travel with children will find this platform useful. I was with my family in Germany and there we realized that we needed a small bed for our son. What to do? It was good that my wife had some friends over there and they searched for this bed at their friends, but what if we didn?t know anyone there? Our platform helps families to economy. Here is a pitch with our idea.