Tags:AnalyticsAppAudioDataDeviceInternet of ThingsNetworksPlatformSensorsStorageStreamingVideo
Tactical IOT Based Surveillance system using Bots in a Mesh Network new edge miniature size connected robots powered with intelligence to navigate, capture visuals and hear the environment. ?Self navigating and/or app controlled navigation in the Area of Operation. ?IOT Platform comprehensive control and analysis of connected edge devices. ?Sensing data gets transferred via existing networks ?Application Dashboard makes use of the aggregated real-time data and present intelligent insights via easily accessible and navigable interfaces on secure client devices ?Real-time Video, Audio, and Image streaming. ?Sensors to capture ambient temperature, radiation, etc. ?Jamming capability ?Receive and analyse heterogeneous data like audio & video streaming ?Replay and analyse historical data ?Remotely control and monitor the devices ?Video tagging, analytics, motion detection & storage ?Self aligned network, with devices being connected wirelessly ?cyber protection ?ECCM (Frequency hopping) ?Ability to disable device, purge data ?Self destructible