Brainwaves as an ultimate input @aiworker- is a highly personalized software solution, which allows user to interfere with any android OS device (for now) via EEG-based sensor(such as Neurosky) using own brainwaves. We have already developed full-scale application launcher, which can be used to control music player, camera and image gallery, browsing file system or playing games. Using your mind. It has multiple graphic representations and is highly customizable for needs of every user. It also has high security rank, since it adapts to every user?s style and EEG-patterns. No one except you could use it. It best fits to augmented reality devices, like GoogleGlass, but can also be used to control regular android smartphone. The feedback is also customizable - it could be visual, audio, haptic, or indirect cortical stimulation. We have developed (in cooperation with mindchack.me) virtual simulators of our concept: Android OS games Save Opportunity, Voice of Spirit, which can be found on google.play.
Member count: 1-10