Airtribune is the unique platform uniting air sports competitions organizers, participants, athletes, viewers and fans. Airtribune is the live tracking service allowing organizers to publish, manage and promote their competition web pages. Live tracking is embedded and provided in several modes. It could be arranged using participants live tracking devices or organizer’s set of devices or even mixed. The service allows to use Airtribune Android/iOS applications installed to any smartphone, Flymaster Live and a number of other GSM live tracker models as an competition live tracking devices. Airtribune is the first live tracking service allowing to use satellite live tracking devices such as SPOT and Delorme InReach as single device or mixing data with GSM devices of participants. Viewers and athletes fans are now able to follow competitions and sporting achievements online, discuss and share them with their friends. Moreover each user can become an athlete himself and get a cheering support from his followers. Each user has his own page with all his tracks, adventure stories and photos. Launching live tracking of any kind of activity the sportsman becomes visible on his page for his friends and fans. The viewers can watch live tracking and comment on progress. Followers will be notified by email or facebook when a person they follow starts or finishes tracking. And finally Airtribune is a news feed of the great air sports events, flying sites, people, gear and travels. Stay tuned!
Location: United States, Minnesota, Cosmos
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +386 31 404 688