UPI based credit marketplace for the lower middle class of India AirTap is a card-less credit payment over UPI for the next billion users. It makes every smartphone a credit card and every UPI QR code a POS device. India has 5M POS devices and 25M credit card users. Only 1% of the 450M strong working class is being formally served by the banks' credit system. India's lower middle class makes 80% of the population, and is joining the digital economy faster than ever. This consumer is digitally literate, but is largely making a first generation entry to the financial services world. AirTap's mission is to build a marketplace of financial products and services for this 99% population on top of their purchase financing data. A user would be able to buy groceries on credit, access EMI at a store nearby or get an emergency loan at a hospital; all with a tap on their smartphones. Website: airtap.app
Member count: 1-10