access, stream & share from any device or any cloud We are here to provide ubiquitous access to content and media across devices and cloud services. Imagine being able to stream and access your personal media and content on your smartphone or TV whether it is stored in your PC, Mac, portable Hard-drives, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. without the hassle of figuring out how to connect these devices or opening multiple cloud apps, etc. Have a look at what we do - Yup, you are right: One app to rule them all ;) Our goal is to make it very simple to stream content on all our primary consumption devices like smartphones, tablets, chromecast, TV's, etc no matter where the content is stored. For doing so we have a proprietary technology which can connect any two devices in the world from anywhere. We have a custom file search engine for PC files, we integrate with Cloud apps and so on. And there's plenty of interesting stuff planned. Be part of our journey.. Follow us or drop us a message :)
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