Military style CQB Airsoft Training Facility operated by military veterans We are developing a new style AIRSOFT business with a sole purpose to employ military veterans and retired police officers as a way to help ease the transitional stress related to returning or retiring from active duty! Its our way of thanking them for serving our country and keeping us safe!. AR AIRSOFT will be a 30,000 2-floor indoor CQB Tactical AIRSOFT Training Facility. 2nd floor is for the hardcore! "black-ops Only" facility for the hardcore (PMC's, military, and police use only) 1st floor will be for the average member. Set up like a military style clearing house complete with actuating timed autotargets and full digital video monitoring security system to catch all those who think they can cheat! The AIRSOFT market worldwide is only continuing to grow in Canada and across the world! This is your chance to jump in to the next business set to be the hottest new franchise on the planet. We will be offer a special "team building package" to welcome customers across any industry!
Member count: 1-10