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We formed AirGO.AI to find a way to protect our children and parents when they get behind the wheel. Our founders collectively have over 100 years of experience creating and selling products that make life and work easier at Adobe, Microsoft, HP, GE and others. But we didn’t really make a difference where it matters, our families. AirGO.AI is our way of giving back and making that difference for our loved ones. We understand teen drivers and older drivers need a little extra to keep them aware, undistracted, and safe. By using driver specific telematics and driving behavior data gathered from our system we can promote better driving habits and build a community of better drivers. AirGO.AI is changing the world. By leveraging recent advancements in IoT hardware and machine learning we can bring the critical safety features of new vehicles to every vehicle around the world. By using AirGO.AI systems, families can be assured that incidents with loved ones are reported and responded to in real time. We invite you to join us on our journey to make driving safer for your and our families. AirGO.AI’s Soteria Vision implements a Distracted Driver Monitoring System (DMS), Advanced Driver Awareness System (ADAS), and advanced real-time telematics. The DMS identifies the driver and detects distracted, sleepy, or drunk drivers, and other distractions. The ADAS increases driver situational awareness by warning of vehicles in the driver’s blind-spot, warning of lane-and road departure or following another vehicle to close for conditions, warning of pedestrians that may step in front of or behind the vehicles, and the recognition of traffic signals. Advanced real-time driver specific telematics records the vehicle speed, braking and acceleration forces, and vehicle location for use as a training tool for new drivers and usage-based insurance models. Together these components make up the Soteria Vision system that brings new car safety to any vehicle.
Location: United States, Washington, Issaquah
Member count: 1-10
Phone: +1 425-606-9884
Founded date: 2017