Custom software for everyone AirDev is changing the way that custom software is built: 1) We build using frameworks like instead of code. 2) Our software is made by smart non-coder generalists, who not only build products but also help our clients figure out what products to build. 3) We standardize and templatize everything about our process, turning software development into a streamlined and painless experience. As the result, we can build the same applications as made by traditional developers but do it up to 10x faster. Most of our projects end up taking between 1 and 4 weeks of development time (vs. the traditional 2-6 months). We build two-sided marketplaces (AirBnb for x), e-commerce solutions, analytical and diagnostic tools, custom CRM systems, and more. Our team is based in San Francisco and our customers include startups, non-profits, and large organizations.
Member count: 1-10