Air Borne America
DREAM, FLY, LIVE - Indoor Skydiving Adventure Airborne America, Inc. (the ?Company?), was designed to build and operate enclosed circulating vertical wind tunnel with a flight chamber 30? by 14? diameter for recreational and professional indoor ?flying? that simulates the experience of real skydiving. The Company has developed an expandable style system that can fit on a minimum of 50? x 100?, which lends perfect to heavy populated urban areas and the military. Its first location will be in East Village area of Downtown San Diego, and will have two of these tunnels vertical wind tunnels. This location will benefit from its immediate proximity to the baseball stadium, convention center, the vibrant Gaslamp Quarter, and the new downtown housing units being constructed; the furthest of these to be less than a five minute walk. Additionally, the trolley system that connects all of greater San Diego, including the primary hotel clusters, stops one block away from the location.
Total raised: $12M