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Travelling with small children can cause panic attacks: from planning the trips in concordance with the feeds and the sleeping hours, to carrying out the necessary amount of equipment - the bottles, the blankets, the seats, the clothes, the changing clothes, the diapers, is a real expedition. I love travelling and wanted to share that with my baby, but felt more and more trapped into the amount of things that needed to be prepared and anticipated to insure his wellbeing and safety. On a trip back home, I recruited my sister in law and friends of friends to lend as much of the necessary equipment at home rather than having to carry it out. Doing so made the actual trip easier, and made my baby feel as comfortable as home anywhere. Airbaby is a simple platform to help parents share their "baby stuff" to help all the young kids feel at home anywhere. This is a sharing platform, that is free and only works if you spread the love! so please share with your friends! Enjoy the trip! Pearl