All-In-One 3D Printer to Scan/Print/Copy/Fax 3D objects The AIO Robotics ZEUS 3D Printer is a true plug & play system, with pre-loaded software, and hardware automation. This translates to ready-to-use within 10 minutes out-of-the-box. ZEUS is packed with smart connected features, remote operation, file transfer, troubleshooting, etc; Product Highlights True Plug-and-Play (Ready to Go in 10 minutes) Standalone - No External Computer Required Quick & Easy Color Change During Printing* Internet-Enabled (Wireless & Wired) Built-In Customer Support "Report Button" Software Updates (New Features & Bug Fixes) On-board Model Viewer, Editor, & Slicer USB & Internet Browser Based File Transfer 7" Color Touchscreen 3D File Search Function
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