Aiivon Digital Solutions
Nigeria's Silicon Valley in Abuja Aiivon Hub is an ICT hub based in abuja, the capital of Nigeria. Africa's Biggest Economy. We wish to create a mini silicon valley where all subscribers will have free access to reliable and fast internet access, uninterrupted power supply, conducive and secured working environment as well as a onestop spit for all ICT solution within the Capital of the most populous African country. Owing or renting an ofice space in Abuja is an expensive and most times unsomountable task as the cost is too much for entrepreneurs and startup companies. Wonderful and great ideas are stalled or given up due to the difficulties in accessing a conducive work/office environment, cost of internet access and unreliable and epileptic power supply. With the Aiivon ICT Hub, entrepreneurs and startup companies can leverage on the conducive environment and concentrate on developing thier skills and products/solutions.
Member count: 1-10