Website building in 4 hours We create a medium for building websites all over the world in a matter of several hours in the presence of clients. Aiger will consist of a visual website builder and a global comunity of web content creators (designers, copywriters, SEO experts and others) who will use it to build websites for their clients. Aiger will automate programming (so there will be no need for programmers during website building) and will allow each team member to work on the same website pages at the same time without hindering each other's progress, thus significantly speeding up the work compared to traditional web development. We will also solve such problem of traditional web development as miscommunication since all team members and the client will be present during the whole process of website building, all decisions will be discussed on-site without distractions and the client will be able to see their website on each and every stage of development thanks to our visual builder.
Member count: 11-50