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Aidoc | Always on AI
Last activity: 30.06.2023
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Focusing radiologists on what really matters - in time to make a difference
Location: United States, New York
Member count: 201-500
Total raised: $257M
Founded date: 2016

Investors 11

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Funding Rounds 5

DateSeriesAmountInvestorsDeal News
16.06.2022Series D$
19.07.2021Series C$66MGeneral
16.09.2020Series B$
17.04.2019Series B$27M-techcrunch...

Mentions in press and media 64

30.06.2023Clinical AI Pioneer Aidoc Partners with Ochsner Health to Tr...Aidoc announced a transformative partnership with Ochsner Health, a large healthcare system headquar...aithority....
06.03.2023Aidoc’s AI-Powered Cardiovascular Solutions Consolidate Data...Did you know that every 34 seconds, someone in the United States dies due to cardiovascular disease?...aithority....
04.03.2023Aidoc Introduces Cardiovascular Solutions to Connect the Dot...Solutions enable care teams to enhance cross-specialty provider workflows leading to decreased time ...einpresswi...
08.01.2023Глубокое обучение в диагностике: как AI спасает жизни и экон...Разница между современными моделями ML и XAI. Источник: DARPA Разрабатываемые сейчас решения XAI пр
06.12.2022Глубокое обучение в диагностике: как AI спасает жизни и экон...«Симптомы никогда не лгут», — так сказал самый блестящий диагност, доктор Хаус, который, увы существ
21.10.2022Aidoc Expands Cardiology Solutions by Bringing’s Echo...Aidoc, the leading provider of healthcare AI solutions, announced a partnership with to bring...aithority....
21.10.2022Aidoc expands cardiology solutions by bringing's echo...Aidoc's aiOS™ offers clinicians access to real-time data and insights, helping to provide streamline...einpresswi...
20.06.2022Aidoc Raises $110M in Series D FundingAidoc, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based provider of healthcare AI solutions, raised $110m in Series D
16.06.2022Aidoc nearly doubles funding with $110M haul for CT scan-rea...Aidoc is on quite the hot streak. Just about two months after racking up its ninth FDA clearance for...fiercebiot...
16.06.2022Aidoc, an AI Healthcare Startup, Nabs $110 Million Expansion...Aidoc, a startup that sells artificial intelligence-based software designed to help radiologists
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