Emergency app for saving lives and helping people AidMaid is anemergency application that aims to reduce crime rate and save lives by allowing users to get help simply by shaking their phones or with the press of a button. The beta version had witnessed almost 3000 downloads from 68 different countries within the first two days. AidMaid is designed to be a part of your everyday life.If you ever need a nearby plumber, carpenter, electrician or sports coach, you can hire them through AidMaid. It now reduces unemployment rate. AidMaid is the Uber of all emergencies. Whenever a person is in trouble, AidMaid sends a message to all his/her contacts and friends indicating that they need help. Users can know which areas to avoid by using "Discover" which shows areas with high crime rate. Furthermore, if a user feels that he may be entering a dangerous or risky area, he can alert his friends who are able to track his destination and every step he takes. Soon, the world will no longer call 911, we'll all resort to AidMaid
Total raised: $200K