A pediatric-specific virtual after-hours care platform Ohana is a consumer virtual care platform with pediatric workflows and innovative closed-loop communication tools for providers-creating the first pediatric specific virtual care ecosystem trusted by parents, and appealing to pediatricians all over the country. In Ohana, practicing docs (each bringing 1-2k patients into the system) work together to offer after-hours telemedicine to their collective patient populations. For families, this is the only after-hours care in which their own doctor participates. For providers, Ohana is the tech-enabled care community they trust enough to sign over their patients when they are not available - so it is the ONLY telemedicine solution that allows for a doctor to work less, get paid for work they do for free now, AND provide better care to their collective communities. For payers, Ohana is the first telemedicine product that engages their network physicians and marries two central and highly valued care models - convenience and continuity.
Member count: 1-10