We bring the global agriculture community to one place AgVive - Its a central platform of technology services designed to improve the lives of anyone in agriculture. This is up platform is up and running and receiving good unique traffic, with virtually zero market advertising. This is site is up and running and ready to go. The AgVine number of suites include: 1. AgJobs - A global agricultural jobs board - agvine.io/jobs 2. AgChat - A global chat platform to freely chat with fellow agricultural enthusiasts - agvine.io/chat 3. AgEvents - A global agricultural events site where you can post and view any ag related event around the globe - agvine.io/events 4. AgNews - A global agricultural news site dedicated to trending ag global news - agvine.io/agnews 5. AgAngels - Is a global investment fund - to support local agricultural innovation, encourage the development of exciting ag initiatives, encourage young people back into farming, support women in agriculture and support the global farming network - agvine.io/agangels
Member count: 1-10