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AgriSource Data
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AgriSource Data is an Ag data application company. We believe that by leveraging technology and the ever-growing inter-connectedness of sensors, devices and information, we can make fundamental changes in the agriculture industry to increase farmers’ profits and support sustainable production. That sounds like a pretty straightforward goal…but figuring out how to get there has actually taken a little while. Change is hard. Radical change is even harder. After years spent trying to bring really cool, really complex data solutions to the Ag market, we realized something that probably should have been obvious from the start: really cool, really complex solutions don’t really work if you can’t fit them into your workflow really easily. So we took a different approach…we made it really simple. SO take a minute and look around our site or better yet, contact us to find out more about how smart data is changing the landscape of agriculture
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Location: United States, Georgia, Roswell
Employees: 11-50
Phone: 404-800-5827
Founded date: 2015