Digital Crop Estimation AgriData digitalizes agriculture by providing an asset tracking system for permanent crops (trees and vines, aka high-value crops). Farmers using the product are able to: - predict their yield - time their harvest - detect pests Digitalizing permanent crops has never been done for 2 reasons: (1) autonomous vehicles were needed to avoid prohibitive costs of installing cameras everywhere in the field, (2) the complexity of developing computer vision software capable of turning trees and fruits into 1's and 0's. AgriData is leveraging the advancements made in autonomy, both ground-based and aerial and has developed proprietary computer vision technology that allows us to accurately identify and count permanent crop assets. By 2050, agriculture will need to produce 70% more than it is today with the same amount of arable land, this WILL NOT HAPPEN without us getting a DIGITAL handle on our crops. Help us make sure we can feed our children.
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