Marketplace and eTools for farmers in the CIS region (ex-USSR) CIS (ex-USSR) region has the largest farmland in the world (560 mln. ha) and 30 mln. people (10% of the population) involved in agriculture with total annual output of USD 200 bln. The region has 600,000 tractors, 200,000 combain-harversters, 700,000 pieces of farming machinery and 60,000 milking stations. About 50% of that output is produced by small land plot owners (0,9 to 2,8 hectares) and only 7,5% of that output is produced by farmers. Such situation is a legacy of break up of soviet system of collective farms. There are approximately 500,000 registered farm/farmers in the region and their influence and numbers are growing. Agrariya (???????) is a B2B2C vertical providing education, digital tools and e-commerce solutions for food buyers, farmers and agri brands in the CIS region.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $100K