Instant Circuit Board Making AgIC Inc. provides technology to turn off-the-shelf home inkjet printers into circuit board printers and conductive ink pens. Utilizing our circuit prototyping tools, you can make and use circuit boards in easier, faster, and affordable manner, as 3D printers have changed prototyping for 3D objects. Circuit printers consist of an off-the-shelf home inkjet printer utilizing specially formulated silver-based ink. Our printers print conductive traces on paper as well as PET film, in a few minutes. It cost less than $5 to print one A4/Letter size sheet. Conductive pens allow people to draw circuits instantly just like when they are using ordinary pens. The same silver ink used in our printers and pens become conductive in a few seconds. People will not need to wait and lose excitement in prototyping circuits.
Member count: 1-10