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Right management platform No more than 10-15 years ago, we were buying video, music, games and apps (that is, content) on various media, which was easy and clear-cut for the copyright holders. Today, with the advent of mobile devices and high-speed Internet, movement of digital rights has become complicated and convoluted. On top of that, cloud services and the Internet of Things (IoT) have made the task of managing and distributing a myriad products through countless channels and across different licensing models an almost impossible task for copyright holders. We at Aggregion have developed: - Rules for platform operations - A licensing management system - Billing and limit management procedures - Integration adapters for industrial-strength content delivery platforms Aggregion, in cooperation with Walt Disney, Pearson, Microsoft, Intel and others, runs pilot projects for distributing audio and video content, games, applications, cloud services, online TV, books, IoT and licenses for bundled products.

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