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Agency C5
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Our team brings a convergence of specialized marketing and communications skills that deliver results. We partner with B2B clients nationwide to develop and execute customized marketing plans with an emphasis on strong metrics and building ROI. We stand by our mission to elevate brands by providing tailored digital marketing and communications strategies designed to increase revenue, strengthen customer relationships and achieve business goals. Agency C5 is a woman-led company and our roots are in the name itself: the “C” gives a nod to our founder, and “5” references our core values, which are at the center of how we work. Our Core Values: - Growth: Both personally and professionally, we believe there’s always room to grow. Whether that’s optimizing a successful ad campaign or extending our clients’ reach on social, let’s level-up together. - Innovation: We follow our curiosity and are lifelong learners. This allows us to innovate creative solutions and bring a standard of excellence to every project. - Tenacity: Roadblocks are inevitable. Our unrelenting ambition keeps projects moving and on-time. - Flexibility: Things move quickly in the digital space, so we practice adaptability and flexibility on a daily basis. - Impact: We value providing meaningful work and results that make an impact for brands and those they’re trying to reach. Our Services: - Strategy & Branding: Elevating the look and feel of a brand that is uniquely identifiable. - Social Media Marketing: Connecting brands and individuals to their fans and followers. - Public Relations: Sharing a clear message with a relevant audience at the right time. - Content Marketing: Crafting copy that generates engagement and conversions. - Digital Marketing: Reaching your target audience wherever they read and search. - Thought Leadership: Showcasing your expertise and industry influence.
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Location: United States, California, San Francisco
Employees: 1-10
Founded date: 2017