We are a seed breeding company developing soybean and wheat cultivars for vertical farming PROBLEM: Vertical Farming is an emerging technology that has the potential to disrupt the agriculture industry. Three big startups in this arena have just raised over $500 million. But they all have one problem; they are focusing their business of supporting a tiny market ($2 billion) - leafy greens - lettuce, basil, and mint. What prevents them from venturing into and growing commodity crops such as corn ($51 billion), soybeans ($39 billion), wheat ($9 billion), and potatoes ($4 billion)? Because they don?t have the right cultivars that can fit into the vertical farm setup. SOLUTION: AFTERUS is a seed company (just like Monsanto, but a million times smaller at the moment). We will breed new cultivars of these commodity crops specifically designed for vertical farming. We will start with soybeans, and then expand to wheat and potato. Our plants will support a successful launch to vertical farming and subsequently reinvent agriculture.
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