Food waste elimination via biodigestion Afoodable is a cleaner, faster, more efficient, and sustainable infrastructure model over traditional composting by means of aerobic biodigestion - the human stomach 2.0. A single 400 square foot facility, including eight washing machine sized biodigesters, will be able to process 5,000 lbs a day right in the heart of the city. Within the facility, aerobic biodigestion physically transforms food into a usable liquid, while maintaining natural nutrient values and water content through our proprietary process. Our scalable, franchisable model is a complementary solution for Smart Cities because the biodigester itself captures the weight of food processed and uploads the statistics into the built-in cloud. In addition to biodigester data collection, additional metrics on food waste recovery, logistics, and real estate will be gathered. We plan to use this data to refine our operating parameters through machine learning and will be able to sell this as our main solution to our franchisee.
Member count: 1-10