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Affable is building an end-to-end platform that brings intelligence and automation to influencer marketing. They derive insights about micro influencers and their audience by using cutting edge computer vision algorithms on social media posts. Affable is building the technology that enables one-click influencer marketing at scale, doing to social what Google Adwords did to search. Nisarg Shah graduated with a silver medal for overall excellence from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). He worked with Goldman Sachs where he spearheaded software automation and big data projects. Nisarg also developed and launched a social learning platform (Graspr) and an AR visualisation platform (Visualive) before founding Affable . Swayam Narain is an award winning computer scientist who graduated top of his class at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). He was a software engineer at Pivotal Labs where he turned client’s ideas to high quality products. He has expertise in building computer vision pipelines, social media platforms and cloud applications that scale.

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