Shoot video worth watching Aeon is a revolutionary authoring tool for producing smooth, cinematic GoPro videos. Aeon is ergonomically designed, intuitive, and uses advanced robotics to dynamically stabilize your GoPro. Our handheld device puts an end to boring videos by keeping your camera steady so you may run, jump and move about freely and still get a perfectly stable shot every time. Unlike any stabilizer before, Aeon introduces many firsts, like: - A flush-mounted LCD screen for framing out each shot; - A gamepad-like joystick that pans and tilts to keep focus on your subject; - Long-lasting rechargeable batteries that even juice your GoPro as you film; - A built-in GoPro action mount, so you may attach a selfie-stick to construct a self-leveling boom crane. Aeon soft launched on Indiegogo early autumn and took in pre-orders of over $100,000 to more than double its funding goal. The product will start shipping in the first quarter of 2016.
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