Aerial Genesis
High Altitude Wind Turbine Aerial Genesis converts wind into usable electricity using large helium balloons tethered hundreds of feet in the sky. This is the holy grail, as the wind higher up blows exponentially faster, and doubling the wind speed actually produces 8 times the electricity. Aerial Genesis' patent pending vertical axis design is like no other wind turbine ever created. By leaving all of the heavy stuff on the ground (gear box, generator, copper wires) we transfer the torque down to the ground using a very strong, very lite, carbon fiber tube. This unique insight overcomes the Achilles heel of other airborne wind turbines (extending heavy copper wires all the way up into the sky adds enormous weight and complexity). As a result, our 6 kilowatt unit weighs in at just 300 lbs, requires an order of magnitude less materials, and has a cost of goods (including the maintenance and installation) of just $17k, a retail price of $31k, a gross margin of 45%, and a customer break even period of only 5 years.