Aeon Health & Relaxation
A New Way of Living & Thinking A.H.R.'s signature product is an experience the Buddhist Monks & Medical Scientists proved to be real & healing in the 1950's. The system utilized is called Trifecta as it is a combination of Transcendental Meditation, Chakra Energy Balance & 3 Massage Modalities allowing for the accumulation of one's Life Force & Sexual Energies in a safe non-compromising utterly relaxing experience. This activation & epitome of one's energy allows for the TRUE RELEASE humanity has been seeking for countless decades indeed 1000's of years. The side effects are not only healing physiologically, psychologically, physically, emotionally & spiritually but also allows one to experience the body's TRUE Orgasm when these energy vortexes expel & release life old midden of repressions Macrocosmic energy & the Microcosmic Ego Identifications weighing upon one's Mind, Body, Soul suffocating one with Anxieties, stress, dis-ease, depression even suicide. Our clientele range from teens to our precious elders.