AdZENtures Yoga - Events & Retreats
Experiential events combining yoga with adventure, nature, and travel We host a variety of local, domestic and international events that provide a unique experience by pairing yoga with other special interests such as nature, travel, sport, wine, fitness, food, and community. Our customers are looking for something unique and out of the ordinary, a memorable and meaningful experience that will inspire them and ignite a passion for travel, learning, exploring, and/or gaining understanding of a new and different culture they wouldn't have discovered without us. We are building a community of explorers who are eager to really travel and not just visit another destination but strive to become immersed in something that will solicit excitement and inspiration. Our key demographic is a lover of travel, adventure, activity, and unforgettable experiences that are unique and non-mainstream. Our events range from an afternoon with local partners in Austin to 7-day, all-inclusive adventure retreats around the world both in the U.S. and abroad.
Member count: 1-10