The video community that connects brands & Generation Creative Launched in 2015, London-based Adverdose generates approximately 900,000 views a month via its unique community of video creators and the brands and fans that love them. Broadcast advertising (including digital display and online video) is no way to reach people today, particularly Generation Creative - hat dynamic mix of millennials and other cohorts who have embraced the creative power of technology. In addition to using tech to communicate, make images, and shoot videos, studies show that up to 41% of millennials also employ some kind of ad blocking software. Adverdose helps brands connect with Generation Creative in an innovative, positive way and represents the next generation of brand-consumer relationships. Community members compete in video challenges supported by brands and submit original user-generated content, share those across their social networks, and vote on favourite videos.
Member count: 1-10
Phone: 2777123
Total raised: $55K