Advantis Medical Imaging
Advanced web-based MRI software Brainance is a web-based software for the post-processing and 3D visualization of three MRI exams: Diffusion, Perfusion and Functional MRI. Brainance?s in house developed fiber tracking algorithms can achieve 90% accuracy rates in the 3D reconstruction of the nerve fibers of the human brain in contrast to the existing algorithms whose accuracy rates cannot exceed 65% Brainance as a web service is easily accessible from any device, any location and any time. Just upload the exams you want to process to your account and start processing instantly It is characterized by simplicity and usability. Start working with Brainance without the need of a user manual. Optimize your time and workflow It provides pricing plans for all types of users based on the number of their uploaded exams and software modules usage. Manage your exams, manage your costs Any updates are automatically integrated to your account with no extra charge. Stay updated, keep your quality high Remote technical support
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