Commercial Real Estate Investment Intelligence AdvancedREI is financial models-as-a-service for Commercial Real Estate. We've reduced the time it takes to model a property from hours to less than 5 minutes, using actual rental patterns to build more accurate projections than are possible in Excel. 95% of lenders we surveyed use Excel for major parts of their underwriting process, and 90% of those spreadsheets have errors. That puts almost $700B in CRE lending at risk just in 2017. With an estimated 50% of CMBS loans this year unable to refinance, the next "Big Short" could already be well on its way. It's more important than ever to modernize centuries old processes, and give everyone involved the data they need to make accurate decisions. Where other solutions just spit out numbers, our system understands that the financials are just the beginning of a complex collaborative process to close a deal. Our workflow removes redundancies to help everyone make their respective decisions, and get the deal done faster.
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