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Hi, My name is Benjamin and I am the founder of Adsoup, When I was running a small marketing & design agency, I was doing as much as I could to generate inbound leads to convert to sales. Advertising on Facebook, Google, Line and more. I was trying to juggle managing the agency, with manning multiple sales channels and CRM, all to be able to respond to any potential sales enquiries that came in, and I'm sure you are the same. I was not only paying for multiple services, but I had to have multiple tabs open at all times, just to make sure I could be on the right channel at the right time. I'm sure you have read the InsideSales research that says that “50% of buyers choose the vendor that responds first.” Well, I was working overtime to be the first to respond. That's why I built Adsoup, it brings all the channels into a single dashboard where I can respond to a live chat request, a Facebook message or a sales email, instantly, and without having to have multiple tabs open. Let's be honest, that type of tool is not so unique, but what I did, was get rid of the cost of my CRM and the hassle of importing leads and notes into it, by building the pipeline and CRM right into Adsoup, so now, my leads are responded to and closed all in the same tool. There is one other downfall for most other systems, and that is conversion tracking. If you're an e-commerce business, then conversion tracking is fine. User clicks on an ad, the user goes through the site, makes a purchase, payment is made, conversion and ROI are tracked and calculated. But, what if you have a sales pipeline and you're spending money on Facebook, how do you know the actual revenue is generated from those leads? Well, that's what I have solved because Adsoup keeps all the data in one tool, It knows your leads came from Facebook then moved to email conversations and then took a month to close and for how much. Oh, and yes, you can merge a lead conversation from multiple channels into a single chat with just a few clicks. That attribution allowed me to make a real marketing decision on where to put my spend because I know that Facebook generates the most leads, but live chat converts the highest revenue. That's why I built Adsoup, and that's why you should use Adsoup.
Location: Thailand, Bangkok
Employees: 1-10
Founded date: 2017