Adranos Energetics
High Performance, Environmentally Clean Solid Rocket Propellant Traditional solid rocket fuel used in missiles and space launch vehicles has two primary problems: (1) it burns inefficiently, resulting in up to a 10% fuel loss during combustion that prevents the rocket from realizing its full range and payload capacity, and (2) it emits highly toxic hydrochloric acid (?HCl?) that is destructive to the environment and corrodes launch equipment, resulting in substantial maintenance and environmental remediation costs. Adranos has solved these two problems by developing a new rocket fuel formulation called ALITEC that maximizes fuel efficiency and virtually eliminates HCl production. At a 45% lower cost, ALITEC will allow space launch vehicles, satellites, and ballistic missiles up to a 68% extended range, a 65% increased payload capacity (i.e., up to a 33 second increase in delivered specific impulse based on one metric ton of propellant), and a 99% reduction in HCl. Adranos developed ALITEC at Purdue University?s Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories.
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