OAO is a leading provider of white-glove ad ops services for publishers OAO is a full service, digital ad operations agency that focuses on publisher-side ad ops. We are a Google Certified Partner and authorized reseller of Google AM360, FatTail, AdJuster, and other platforms. We provide professional services, managed services, and ad ops support for a wide variety of publishers that range from small, web-only start ups to large, multi-tiered global publications. With offices in New York City, Chicago, Westminster, CO, and San Francisco, OAO is a U.S. based, boutique ad operations company whose mission is to be the premier, white glove ad operations services and solutions provider to digital publishers. Ad operations is an area within the world of digital advertising that most people probably don?t know too much about. They may be familiar with the general idea of what ad ops is, but they wouldn?t necessarily understand what ad ops does. And that?s ok because ad ops is not always easy to define. It is a complex, dynamic function that sits between sales, technology, finance, product, marketing, and, in many organizations, a foosball table. To be sure, as with any complex, dynamic function that interacts with myriad internal and external groups, illustrating the role, responsibilities, technical acuity, and general kick-ass skill set in an infographic was no small challenge. But we gave it a shot anyway ? because coming up with solutions is what ad ops does. See more about the job of ad ops here: visual.ly/community/infographic/business/job-ad-ops
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