Adom Technologies
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Safe Automated way to Transport A simple sign up and corporates, enterprises can start using our SaaS based completely unmanned employee transport system, carpooling system and access to complete data analytics for further business decisions. Our product makes use of Internet of Things and Big data to help resolve parking problems, traffic issues, money and fuel wastage, reduce employee delays, provide security to women and many more benefits to office goers. Cab providers and Corporates are our customers. Over 8 to 9 lakh employees travel using company provided transport. Over 7 to 8 lakh travel using their own vehicles. In a city like Delhi alone there are 11.4 million vehicles on the road which equals the population of sweden. 70% of them are employees. Raising crime rate, fuel price, traffic congestion - Growing Global problems in a growing market in all developing countries . We use GPS, IOT, Automation, intelligence - global technology and help resolve and organize the market
Location: India

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