Interactivity without interruption A stratospheric leap in the instantaneous interaction between advertisers and their consumers. Television viewers will never forget what they saw during a commercial break, one click and it is waiting in a new browser window, to browse or better still buy the moment their programme is over. Simple click-on icons or red button (on Smart TV ) to ?Save?,?Buy? or Donate for any of the products or services advertised during commercial breaks without interrupting your favourite programmes. Advertisers will now be able to track their consumer?s real likes and dislikes while reversing the trend of most TV advertising being regarded as ?unmemorable?. See it on screen, want it, buy it! Consumers will have a direct link to those ?must have? items and an instant chance to buy them. Designed to work across tablet, mobile, desktop and Smart TV, the product includes a powerful predictive analytics algorithm used by ad networks to improve targeting towards purchase intent or increased donations.
Member count: 1-10