Connects adjunct teachers with higher education institutions is a two-sided digital platform to connect adjunct teachers (those teaching off the tenure-track) with Higher Ed Institutions. Adjunct teachers post a profile on the site for free and colleges/universities pay a fee to search for them by: zip code, discipline, degree, credentials, experience, price to teach and pedagogy The number of adjuncts has been increasing for the last decade, The Chronicle of Higher Education estimates that there are 1.3 million today. Adjuncts are divided into two categories: those who teach as their primary profession (Professional Educators) and those who have another profession but can teach part-time (Expert Instructors). Because of cost pressures, the demand for market-centric professional programs and the desire to build education partnerships with business and industry schools are looking for high quality adjuncts. APL is a sharing economy platform where knowledge, skills and expertise are assets for sale.

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