Ad Monetization that Delights Users We make ads feel less like ads and more like an integral, interactive part of gameplay -- because that?s exactly what they are. Our self-service ad platform as well as API integrations with large aggregates make it possible to embed daily deals, promotions, and coupons into things like checkpoints, power-ups, enemies, and other collectible objects that function as part of native gameplay. It?s our philosophy that mobile games should be fun, free to play, and actually reward the end user while ensuring developers benefit economically without having to sacrifice those fundamental values for their users -- and that?s exactly what Adjoy delivers. We've built developer tools that are free for any game developer to download and begin tagging objects in their game. We also make exclusive deals with more established titles that stand to drive user acquisition into the hundreds of millions. Our plugin and API then manage the distributions algorithmically, based on data we capture.
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $174K